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How do i book an artist?


Find an artist

Use search filters or find inspiration through our charts. You can also post a gig to get offers from our artists.


Get the details right

Negotiate directly with the artist, see the end price in your booking and agree on terms that both of you are happy with.


The gig

The artist perform accordingly to what you've agreed upon. If anything goes wrong, the team is here to help you.



You only pay after a completed gig. If you've booked several acts, you'll receive a summary invoice.

Let's go

Post a gig to let the artists find you or browse all artists!

How much does it cost?

Our artists set their own prices.

Match your budget with the right artist.

Gigital's fee of 15% is applied to the price you chose.

How much does a DJ cost?

2 000 - 20 000 SEK

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How much does a live band cost?

6 000 - 80 000 SEK

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How much does an artist cost?

3 000 - 55 000 SEK

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What artists can I find on Gigital?

We have thousands of artists registered on Gigital's platform.

The best and most interesting acts have been hand-picked and are available for booking.

Verified artists with good references

We set the bar high when it comes to our verified music acts, so that you can feel confident with your booking every time.

Best service possible

Book through someone who actually cares, namely the artist. Our team is also always ready to help.

Always something new and exciting

Find hidden gems that you wouldn't find anywhere else.


How is Gigital different from other booking services?

On Gigital, you can filter through hundreds of verified artists. Prices and other fees are visible from the start. The booking is made with a few clicks since you talk directly to the artist.

Why should I use Gigital?

You should use Gigital if you want to make transparent, time-efficient and secure bookings. By using Gigital, you also contribute to a better live music industry.

How do prices and fees work on Gigital?

The price for the gig can be based on the artist's starting price, the customer's budget or via negotiation between the parties. Gigital's fees are applied to both the customer and the artist. The customer's fee is added to the agreed price and the artist's fee is deducted from the agreed price.

Do I get a discount if I make several bookings?

If you are planning a major event or have recurring music activities, Gigital offers a discount on the customer's fee. Contact us to tell more about your event!

How do you mean I get more for my money and the artist is paid more?

Through Gigital, you get direct contact with artist and therefore avoid middlemen who charge high (often hidden) fees from both you and the artist. By cutting these middlemen and hidden costs, the booker gets a fair price and the artist is paid more.