Enabling live music

Many dream of a music career, to be on stage and to be able to present their creativity to the masses. However, the reality for most artists is anything but glamorous. Unfair terms, poorly paid and unfavorable agreements with middlemen are a standard that few dare to challenge.

The demand for live music is higher than ever. Strong experiences are the focus of every event. But due to the distorted and intransparent industry, it has been unnecessarily expensive and complicated to find and book good artists.

Through a transparent platform with transparent prices and fees, artist bookings become more available and easier to make. In this way, the artist can support themselves and the customer can create fantastic events with the best possible outcome.






⭐️ Booking of gig #500


🏆 The founders Givar Shabani and Viktoryia Khromchanka are on the list of "The 30 Under 30 Europe Entertainment Class Of 2020"

🦠 Gigital supports artists under Covid-19 by removing all fees