How much does it cost to book a music act?

  • No subscription fees

  • You set your own budget

  • You only pay for what you book

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Using Gigital is completely free. You only pay when you book.

  • Get access to hundreds verified artists

  • Talk directly to the artist

  • See the end price before you book

  • Digital contracts with every booking

  • Favorable cancellation policy

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Gigital helps you launch music activities without the hassle and with best possible outcome.

  • Get help planning your music activities

  • Get professional help with your bookings

  • Get access to campaigns and promotions

  • Lower booking fee

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What fees apply when I book through Gigital?

It's free to create an account and use Gigital's features for scouting artists. When bookings someone, a fee of 15% is applied to the booking price.

How is Gigitals different from other services?

We are not like everyone else. On Gigital, you can see all artists' starting prices on their artist profiles. When you post a gig, you get applications from artists within your budget. You see the final price before you proceed with your booking.

Do I get a discount if I make several bookings?

If you are planning a major event or have recurring music activities, Gigital offers a discount on the customer's fee. Contact us to tell more about your event!