Inga avgifter för återkommande gigs på hotell/restaurang. Artister får 100% av arvodet hela hösten. Håll utkik efter 💯 i Gigs.

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How much does an artist cost?

Gigital has a completely transparent pricing model.

Gigital strives for a transparent music industry. That's why our pricing is transparent without any hidden fees.

By logging in you can see a from price on the artist profile. You can also post a gig to get applications from artists within your budget.

Gigital's cut of 15% is added to the price you and the artist agree on.

What does it cost for an artist to be on Gigital?
Price range of our current artists.

The artists price themselves. You negotiate the price. Your budget is key.


2 500 - 20 000 SEK

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3 000 - 200 000 SEK

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5 000 - 75 000 SEK

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